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    SSO for Oracle E-Business Suite R12 External Users Question

      We have Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.3. OID is synchronized with Active Directory. There is no provision between OID and EBS. SSO is enabled for internal users only. External users of iSupplier Portal log in through EBS local login URL. Their accounts only exist in EBS FND_USER. According to Oracle, the use of SSO and Non-SSO is not supported. We need to enable SSO for external users. We have two options:

      1. Create external users in AD. They will be authenticated the same way as internal users. The problems are 1) the time it takes to create their account -- a long wait time is not acceptable to business as a new external user may need to access the iSupplier Portal immediately; 2) how do they change password when an AD password expires.
      2. Provision the accounts from EBS to OID. Oracle has a standard process to provision all accounts from EBS to OID. To do it with a subset of users, I haven't found out how.

      Does anyone have experiences in this area? Are there any other options? Thanks.