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    Fields sections asking for missing overlay in the AFP

    David Farina

      I am having problems with some overlays in my workspace. One of the sections just have this:

      "*Page* [FORMSET PAGE NUM] *of* [FORMSET PAGE NUM OF]" they are in a text area and those [] are fields. Just that.

      But when I see the AFP output it only appears in the first page, the other ones show an error of missing overlay for that FAP.

      Any clues?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Bryan Burr-Oracle
          Hi Dave,
          What version of Documaker?
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            Sounds like you've got SendOverlays=Yes in your AFP printer INI group. This will cause the AFP print driver to add a reference to an overlay for each FAP (section) being printed (with the exception of FAPs inlined within the NA file). If you wish to use overlays, you should make sure that DownLoadFAP = No is set in the <RunMode> INI group so that GenPrint does not load FAP files.
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              Mr Peabody-Oracle
              These "page numbering" fields are generally not mapped during regular processing, but are filled in during print. This conflicts a little with your desire to use overlays for static content. Long story shortened, what you need to do is map your page number fields with content during the actual transactional generation. Add a MK_HARD rule on the fields and set the data to 'X' or '0' or something. This will force the fields to map during generation which will force the sections to be inlined because the insertion into the text area reformats with the field data. Then when you get to the print step, the sections will know that it can't be an overlay reference and should be sent inline.

              The alternative is to NOT have the fields embedded in a text area but be regular fields placed on the section within static text. This means you give up the nice spacing that formatting in a text area gives, but does mean that your output is smaller and therefore throughput is faster.

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