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    question r12 upgrade steps from 12.1.1 to 12.1.3 and customization of forms

      I have upgraded from to 12.1.1 and able to start application, log in to r12 and run concurrent programs etc.

      I am confused about the next steps moving to 12.1.3.

      Can you please confirm the following steps are right ?

      1)-apply patch Patch 9239089. (R12.AD.B.DELTA.3 (R12.AD.B.DELTA.3)

      2)- 11gCS and FNDCPASS User Exit Merge Consolidation Patch, Patch 12964564

      3) - Apply patch 9239090 .

      Post-Install Steps

      a) Patch 9817770:R12.ATG_PF.B (POST-R12.ATG_PF.B.DELTA.3 CONSOLIDATED PATCH).
      b) Patch 9966055:R12.FND.B

      I have one more question, to upgrade the customize form to 10.1.3, do
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