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    Creating Network for heartbeat traffic


      I have a 4 server cluster on 2.2. I am having problems with the servers randomly rebooting and sometimes just flat out locking up. I have tried increasing/decreasing times with "service o2cb configure" with no luck. The VM, heartbeat, and management traffic all share the name network currently. I would like to separate this out to see if that could be my problem. The servers are Dell R710s with a Dell MD3200 attached by SAS.

      So, in order to just start with the heartbeat traffic...I have 3 free nics on each server. Say I grab another switch to keep this simple and want to create a new network. Is the only place I need to change this in the /etc/ocfs2/cluster.conf file on each node besides setting up the nics?

      My search skills seem to be lacking. The only references I can find are that people have done it but no specifics. Perhaps I missed this in one of the many oracle docs I have covered.