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    Control mult access to the Human Task

      Hi All,

      I have a human task in the BPM process which is assign to the role of the user. I've noticed that the task can be accessed by multiple users at the same time within the BPM workspace task list.
      How can I control it that when one person is already open the human task and nobody can open it. Is it a way to
      set the concurrency level for bpm human task?

      thanks in advance.
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          Dan Atwood
          Guessing you might already know this, but the human tasks have an auto-claim property that is turned on by default. The way this works is that if more than one end user selects a task at the same time, the first one to submit the task will be the one that gets committed. While I'd agree that it's not ideal, the second end user (who also had the form displayed for the task when they simultaneously selected the same task) will not be able to submit the task. The second end user sees this rather cryptic message when they try to submit the form:

          "Insufficient privileges to access the task information for this task. User 9616d414-d4bc-4573-9d39-cc100fda7391 cannot access the task information for task: {1}. Ensure that the user has been granted appropriate privileges to access the task information for this task."

          This doesn't sound like the route you want to go either, but from the Workspace - end users can "Claim" a task from the Actions dropdown. Claim is useful when an end user is working on a work item instance and they want to make sure that no one else assigned also tries to work on the same work item instance. End users do not have to claim tasks in the Workspace, but it's useful to keep another end user from working on (or even seeing in their queue) the same work item instance that they had already started working on.

          Once claimed, a work item instance can only be viewed and worked on by the user who claimed it and anyone assigned to the Process Owner role (it is shown in the Process Owner's "My Staff Tasks" tab - not in their "My Tasks" tab). The instance could be returned back into the general queue by clicking the Actions dropdown and clicking Release.

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            Thanks for the advise.
            Do you know how long it will hold for the claim? If I have a user click a claim button and never release the task, the other users won't able to see the task exception the bpm admin has the right to see it and release it.