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    How to configure wls-maven-plugin for support remote actions ?

      currently I installed weblogic .
      also using wls-maven-plugin for deployment .
      in documentation specified that
      middlewareHome ,weblogicHome ,domainHome has defaults values .
      so when you are not set them explicitly plugin use defaults values


      whats happened if I want to do remote deployment meaning packaging my artifacts in machine A and deploy it to a server on target machine B .

      some limitations
      1. I cant use share folder between A and B
      2. Installation location on B is not on the default path - "D:\weblogic\wlserver_12.1"

      how plugin should know those require values on machine B , where the execution of the maven goal take place on machine A?

      does any body knows if the plugin support this case of remote deployment or does this plugin support only local deployment ?

      what is the best way to do remote action like start-server , stop-server, deploy , undeploy with weblogic app-server


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