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    Why will a query work in SQL Developer but not in Apex?

      Here's a good one. I created a dynamic LOV with the following query.

      e.DESCR d,
      ee.ENTRD_EVNT_SK r
      PT_EVNT_IN_DIV eid,
      PT_ENTRD_EVNT ee,
      PT_EVNT e
      where ee.PGNT_SK = :PGNT_SK
      and ee.CNTSNT_SK = :CNTSNT_SK
      and ee.EVNT_IN_DIV_SK = eid.EVNT_IN_DIV_SK
      and eid.EVNT_SK = e.EVNT_SK
      and ee.ENTRD_EVNT_SK not in
      (select js.ENTRD_EVNT_SK
      from PT_JDG_SCR js
      where js.JDG_SK = :JDG_SK
      and js.PGNT_SK = :ai_pgnt_sk
      and js.CNTSNT_SK = :CNTSNT_SK)
      order by 1

      The query works fine in SQL Developer, but Apex gives the following error when compiling it in the LOV editor.

      "1 error has occurred

      - LOV query is invalid, a display and a return value are needed, the column names need to be different. If your query contains an in-line query, the first FROM clause in the SQL statement must not belong to the in-line query."

      I tried rearranging the entries in the From clause, but that didn't do any good.

      Do you see what I can do to make Apex accept it?