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    value from process form to update user field

      Can any experts tell me if we can retrieve data from process form and update user field. If so, please could you tell me how to do and a simple example will be useful.

      Many Thanks
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          Dhananjay Neeraj2
          Write a Transfer adapter and pass the value from Process Form to User Attribute

          How to create a Transfer Adapter:-

          Adapter Name:- Transfer Adapter Process Task
          Adapter Type:- Process Task
          Description:- Transfer Adapter Process Task
          Variable:- input (of Type String) Resolve at Runtime
          Adapter Task:- Logical Task... Set Adapter Return Value --> Variable --> input
          Save... Build... Compile...
          Thus you have created your generic transfer adapter...

          Suppose your Mobile is stored in the Process Form Mobile field...

          In the Process Definition, create one task... Attach Transfer Adapter Process Task...

          input --> Process Date --> Mobile
          Adapter Return Value --> User Definition --> Mobile...

          It is quite convenient way of passing Mobile from Process data to User profile without writing any custom code

          If you find it helpful, mark it helpful..
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            Nishith Nayan

            simply transfer adapter won't work in this case but you have to write java code here.

            Use UserManager API to update user form