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    Setting read-only property for a RTL inputtext.

      I am using JDeveloper version In my fusion web application, in the af:inputtext field, if the language is, RTL or LTR the value is displaying according to that. Suppose, if it is English, the value is displaying left to right. If it is, Arabic, the value is displaying from left to right. But if I set the column value is read-only, everything is displaying as left to right. Here is the code of my input text field.

      <af:column sortProperty="#{bindings.PhraseTranslationView3.hints.Description.name}"
      <af:inputText value="#{row.Description}" id="ot6"
      inlineStyle="border-style:none; overflow:hidden;border-color:rgb(255,255,255);direction:#{row.TextDirection};border-width:thin;height:16px; font-weight:bold; color:rgb(0,0,0); font-size:8.0pt;font-family:Arial Unicode MS;"
      label="Label 6">


      What is going wrong in this?