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    Raising Request using OIM ApI's in oim 11g R2

      Hi all

      I trying to raise a request using OIM API in R2. I have written a sample code and it is throwing me the below error....

      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
      *     at oracle.iam.ui.custom.updateuser.<init>(updateuser.java:76)*
      *     at oracle.iam.ui.custom.updateuser.main(updateuser.java:118)*

      Please take a look at my code....

      RequestEntityAttribute rea = null;
      rea.setName("Modify User Profile");//This is the place where i am getting the error...
      System.out.println("I am Here3");

      List<RequestEntityAttribute> lrea = new ArrayList<RequestEntityAttribute>();

      RequestEntity re = null;
      List<RequestEntity> reqentity = new ArrayList<RequestEntity>();

      RequestData requestData = null;
      requestData.setJustification("I need this Role");

      String str = null;

      try {
      str = _service.submitRequest(requestData);
      } catch (InvalidRequestException e) {
      } catch (InvalidRequestDataException e) {
      } catch (RequestServiceException e) {
      } catch (BulkBeneficiariesAddException e) {
      } catch (BulkEntitiesAddException e) {

      Thanks in Advance