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    Accessing same data in Multiple Excel Worksheets

      I am trying to create a summary page based on data that is on subsequent worksheets via the Excel template in Bi Publisher 11g.

      I wanted to know if there is a way to reference a Group. So if I had a Department (G_D) and a Employees (G_E) groups in the data model and then I wanted to reference G_D on both sheet 1 and Sheet 2 in the spreadsheet how would I do it.

      I created the equivalent in the XDO_METADATa Sheet:

      XDO_GROUP_?G_D1? <?(.//G_D)?>
      XDO_?G_DNO1? <?(.//DEPTNO)?>

      and the Template viewer ran but did not print out any departments. When I remove the XDO_GROUP_?G_D1? it prints out all of the departments in one row, rather than in columns as I would like.
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          Again, as I got no help from the forum, I resolved this by changing the data model within BI Publisher and created another query for the summary data and then referenced this on the other page.

          Will leave thread open for a few days in case someone has a better way of doing it.

          I wanted to reference the existing data because:

          a) it is already there, why should I have to run another query
          b) I am guaranteed to get the same results and won't have any rounding type issues when aggregating the individual values.
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            Don't know if there are any Excel template/Bi Publisher developers out there but it initially appears to me that if you are doing anything a little clever you are on your own.
            When I mean clever, I mean do more than just publish data directly, unformatted, unchecked or unmanipulated from the xml by creating sub totals and totals, additional functions both row and group level then it may be possible but you have to find out on your own.

            Surprise, surprise, No replies so closing thread.