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    Permissions issues with Service

      We are running Windows Server 2008 R2 sp 1 x64, the account I am using is in a group that is in the administrators group. I have installed Oracle Goldengate as a service and am having trouble starting from the ggsci.exe and command line "net start GGSMGR", I can only start the service from mmc.exe. I can stop the service with ggsci.exe but am not able to stop the service with the command line net stop GGSMGR. If you I us the run as administrator option to execute the command line net start/stop it will work. The error I am getting on the command line is "System error 5 has occurred. Access is denied." and the error message from the ggsci.exe when the start mgr command is run is "Process creation error: WIN32 API CALL CreateProcess failed 740 (The requested operation requires elevation.)".

      I have an open ticket with Oracle SR 3-6406641351 but this seems to be a permissions issue with the OS, any help would be greatly appreciated.