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    Upgrade of JRE from JRE1.6 U24 JRE1.7 U7, we are undergoing some issues in

      1.     When we try to upgrade our JRE from JRE1.6 U24 JRE1.7 U7, we are undergoing some issues in Linux platforms.
      2.     The OS from where we are trying to upgrade JRE is RHEL 3.8 – 32 bit and RHEL 4.6 – 64 bit
      3.     Is there any limitation with JRE1.7 OS support?
      4.     Did we break the backward compatibility of OS support matrix when we upgraded to JRE1.7?

      When we execute the java in RHEL3.8 and RHEL 4.6 we are seeing the below error message

      ./java -version
      Error: dl failure on line 864
      Error: failed /usr/local/MegaRAID Storage Manager/jre/lib/i386/client/libjvm.so, because /lib/tls/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.4' not found (required by /usr/local/MegaRAID Storage Manager/jre/lib/i386/client/libjvm.so)

      Please let us know why are we experiencing the above issue and the root cause for this issue. From the OS support matrix:http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/config-417990.html
      we see nothing w.r.t. RHEL 3.8 or 4.6.

      What we understood from the above link is if user wants to upgrade to JRE1.7.x, we are expecting him to give away the backward compatibility of OS support?
      If my understanding is correct, wont this be an issue from JRE1.7.x support front?
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          You can not run JRE 1.7 on RHEL 3.8 or 4.6. They are too old.
          There's no "backward compatibility of OS support matrix". The support matrix shows you the minimum versions that you need to use.
          The minimum version for JRE 1.7 on RHEL is RHEL 5.5

          Thus, you must use RHEL 5.5+

          This is because your glibc doesn't have GLIBC_2.4 symbols - as you can see per your error message.
          If you run Java 1.7 with glibc 2.4 or higher - then it will work.

          Again, this is the minimum version, and you can run with newer as well.

          This is not an issue for 1.7 support, because 1.7 is only supported on RHEL 5.5 or later.

          You can either
          1) Upgrade your OS
          2) Stay on Java 6 - which uses an older glibc.
          You can see on

          That Java 6 is supported on RHEL 3 and RHEL 4.
          Java 7 is not.

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