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    go url in obiee

      Hi All,

      I am trying to use the following go url in obiee for drill down report.Someone it is able to pass only one parameter till P3. The P4 value shows till Rev. I tried to switch the value in the parameter it only pass one parameter either Common Type Code or Fiscal Year. I have switched the value , it only shows the drill down report with value till P3. P4 value is shown till Rev.
      Is this a bug in

      '<a href=http://dellpc-275:7001/analytics/saw.dll?PortalGo&path=/shared/US/EnfDT&options=dr&Action=Navigate&P0=2&P1=eq&P2="Rev%20Facts"."Common%20Type%20Code"&P3='||REPLACE("Rev Facts"."Common Type Code",' ','%20')||' &P4="Rev%20Facts"."Fiscal%20Year" &P5'||REPLACE("Rev Facts"."Fiscal Year",' ','%20')|| '>'||CAST(COUNT("Rep Facts"."Emp Id") AS CHAR)||'</a>'