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    ODI AS400

      Got a requirement where we need to extract data ifrom AS/400 tables into a file and load that file into oracle DB.
      How to do that? do we have any km's? and how to define topology for AS/400? and if not KM's is any other way we can do?

      Any pointers here will be really helpfull.

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          Standard Topology against IBM DB2/400, Try the datadirect drivers that ship with the tool - otherwise look into DB2 400 JDBC.

          You have LKM DB2 400 Journal to SQL to unload the table, however you might want to try and use a native bulk unload to file.
          Not done ODI with AS400 for 4 years so im a bit rusty , also last project was with ODI 10G.
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            Hi Thanks,even here we have odi 10.
            Can we use odisqlunload through odi procedure to unload into file and then load using sql loader or external table?
            Not entirely sure how to use sqlunload?any pointers here?