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    Adding columns in a table

      If I have a table style report with the following main 3 fields plus some other misc fields:

      Cost Type 'Pending' and 'Frozen'
      Item number
      $ Cost

      If I do this, I will have 2 lines for each Item number. Is there a way to have Frozen and Pending in its own column so there is only 1 line item per Item number? I would use a crosstab, but going to disco plus from desktop, that won't work if I export it. In plus, when I export a crosstab, the data doesn't flow down like it does in desktop.

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          Rod West

          You can do this by grouping the report by the item number and using calculations to display the pending and frozen fields.

          So you calculation fro the pending field would look something like:

          SUM(DECODE(Cost TYpe, 'Pending', cost))

          and the frozen field:

          SUM(DECODE(Cost TYpe, 'Frozen', cost))

          Then you would have one line for the item and the cost would be split into 2 columns for frozen and pending.

          Rod West
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