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    inconsistent behavior importing OIM BP20 to OIA  11gR1 -

      We are building our OIM/OIA integration - preferred method. We are Weblogic -- OIA 11gR1 - -- OIM BP20 - Based on experience and documentation, I think perhaps the 11g to 11g integration is the truly preferred method.

      During testing we found that while the OIM resource had > 600 entitlements associated, only two came over to OIA upon policy import. No errors were thrown. Is there a limitation to the number of attributes that can be imported to OIA?

      We will be defining roles in OIA and importing them to OIM, and are concerned about how OIA will respond to attributes defined in the OIA app prior to OIM forms having knowledge of them - can we define attributes if they have not yet been defined on a form in OIM?

      What behavior should we be expecting?