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    Data form error

    hyperion start
      Hi Gurus
      When I try to open data forms in one of my applications, I get this message:
      A substitution variable required for this calculation is undefined. Variable: NextYr
      What could be the reason?
      Thanking you
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          It could be the essbase substitution variable does not exist for the planning app or the essbase database can not be contacted or exist.


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            hyperion start
            Hi John, when you mean to say the database does not exist, do you mean that the database is blank. I will definitely try to load data and try it again to see if it works. However, in case it is the issue with not being able to contact the database, what would be your suggestion?
            Thanks again.
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              like John suggested, do this first check if the variable exists, and that it applies to the applications and databases for the calc script/business rule
              linked to your form. You should do this before doing anything with the data.

              Emeka Egudu
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                The possible cause is that this variable might not be deployed (the same thing which john is saying)
                Which version of EMPA workspace you are using?
                How did you create this Substitution Variable? through Calculation Manager (if yes then right click on the variable and select deploy)