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    Pricing in Configurator

    Akhil Agarwal

      We have integrated (and hence launching) Oracle Configurator thru a Third party application.
      For Pricing we have used few customization along with Adv Pricing.
      Now during runtime, the user has to click on the 'Re calculate price' button which in turns gives a call to the pricing engine and displays the prices.

      We want the pricing to be made available as soon as the user makes any changes to the configuration. e.g. if a user selects Item A we want the price to be displayed instantly (without the user having to go to the 're calculate button'). I understand that this can cause a performance issue but still want to understand if there is any way to do that ?
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          You state that you are launching configurator from a third party application. Are you launching Configurator UI developed in Oracle Configurator Developer. If so, if you Edit the UI, you will notice several options below the "Price and Availability Display" section.

          One of the options is "Recalculate Prices". The possible values are:

          On Request
          On Page Load
          On Change

          Have you tried changing this setting to see if it changes the behavior as desired?

          If you are not using the Oracle Configurator UIs (e.g. Using custom UI), you might need to use the CIO to ask for the recalculation of the price. Do you have the Configurator CIO Javadoc? If not, you can find it on the Oracle Support website. See the following:

          Java API References for Oracle Configurator [ID 405647.1]

          From the Config Extension perspective, you will notice that there are several "Pricing-related" methods found under the "Configuration" object. These methods, when attached to the appropriate event might provide the functionality that you desire.

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            Akhil Agarwal
            Thanks Jason. Yes that resolves my query.
            Just fyi, we are using Configurator UI.