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    Searching LDAP only searching the first 5 objectclasses

      DSCC version-
      RHEL 5.7

      When I perform a search of my LDAP server using '(&(objectclass=person)(email=craigp*)' unless the objectclass of person is within the first 5 of a users objectclasses no entries are found even though both entries exists for craigp or any user we test against.

      When I look in the logs for the search the search returns nentries=0

      if I do a search just listing either objectclass=person or email=craigp* all entries that have the search string are returned

      I have indexed objectclass and this hasn't resolved the issue.

      is there a way to resolve this?

      Looking at the user craigp what ldapsearch returns and what DSCC displays in the way of objectclass listing are 2 different list orders.
      it appears to resolve this would require exporting the users entries changing the order of objectclasses and reimporting them.

      Obviously I don't want to have to export all users and make the change to be able to resolve this issue.

      We have legacy software that to authenticate users requires the above search parameters and it wouldn't be easy to make the changes to the software.

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