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    Installng VM Server and VM Manager on Same Laptop (Demo purposes)


      I am looking for the best way to install the VM Server and VM Manager on same HP laptop (for demo purposes).

      I have installed VM Server on the laptop successfully. I go to install (per Oracle Installation docs) the VM Manager on the same machine.
      1ST problem - insufficient memory when mount and run VM installer (e.g., DOM 0 set at half gig - changed to max memory 4 GIG) and this
      problem goes away - next problem is that the VM Manager says operatiing system is to hold (3.1 redhat version that VM server uses).

      I realize that the installation instructions says that VM manager install must have the later operating system installled. (e.g. Linux 6.xx)

      How should I install the VM manager and server on same laptop? Is Virtual Box the way to go? Can it be done any other way?

      Thank you for your assistance.