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    How does Automated Row Fetch Work?

      APEX 4.1
      I've spent the better part of a day working though tabular and master-detail forms, and I still can't understand how the Automated Row Fetch process works. When I create one of these regions using the wizards and it generates the region, items, and process, I would expect the table to be populated with I run the page. Do I misunderstand this? I've tried "influencing" the process by entering a snippet in the where clause, and nothing happens. Even if I put intentionally invalid statement in the where clause, still no error. The documentation is not helpful on this.

      Any suggestions are appreciate.
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          Can you make sure that you are populating the "Item Containing Primary Key Column Value" page item correctly at the time of page load? The where clause for the row fetch would be based on the page item that you have mapped to the "Item Containing Primary Key Column Value" field.
          If possible, set up an example in apex.oracle.com and share the credentials.