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    Changing IDM hostname - almost there, but problem with EM


      I have a system that has the IDM 11.1.5 suite installed, and I needed to change the hostname, from oamoam.whatever.com to oamoam.whatever1.com. I've been able to get through most of this, to the point that all of the services show as "Alive" in opmnctl status, and I can start wls_ods1 and wls_oif1 using the WL console.

      The problem that I have is that when I got into EM, it shows ovd1, oid1, and ohs1 as down, even though they're up. I've tried the various things like setting the monitoring credentials etc., but still haven't been able to resolve this.

      I think that the problem is that in the two targets.xml files, it's still showing the old hostname (oamoam.whatever.com), but even if I edit the targets.xml, it looks like as soon as I access EM admin, it overwrites those two hostnames in the targets.xml.

      Is anyone here familiar with this EM stuff? And can anyone tell me how I can configure things so that those remaining three processes show properly as "up" in EM?