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    OLT - IP Spoofing

      Hi all,

      Can anyone help me in IP Spoofing concept in Oracle Load Testing?

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          Oracle Load Testing can use IP spoofing to assign different IP addresses to virtual users. Each virtual user must get a defined IP address when using IP spoofing.
          Before virtual users can use IP spoofing, you must define the IP addresses available for use by Oracle Load Testing in the TCP/IP network protocols of the system.
          You define the IP addresses using the Advanced IP Addressing options of the TCP/IP properties of the Network Protocols. On Windows NT systems, the Network Protocols are accessed using the Control Panel.

          The general procedure is as follows:

          Open the TCP/IP Network Protocols.

          In IP Address, select Specify an IP Address.

          In the Advanced IP Address settings, add the IP Address and Subnet Mask.

          Enter as many IP addresses/Subnet Masks as you have available for use by Oracle Load Testing virtual users.

          Repeat the above steps on each Oracle Load Testing Agent system.

          In the Edit Scenario Details dialog box, set Use IP Spoofing to True in the Browser Settings section.

          Submit and Start the scenario in the Autopilot

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            Thanks Rajesh