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    about "session cursor cache hits" and "parse count(total)" statistics

      Hi, all.

      The database is on a linux.

      The following is from v$sysstat.
      select * from v$sysstat
      where name in
      ('session cursor cache hits',
      'parse count (total)',
      'parse count (hard)')
      session cursor cache hits : 346468246
      parse count (total) :        184787866
      parse count (hard) :          35299555

      * "session cursor cache hits" definition :

      Number of hits in the session cursor cache. A hit means that the SQL statement did not have to be reparsed. Subtract this statistic from "parse count (total)" to determine the real number of parses that occurred.

      which means that (parse count(total) - session cursor cache hits = real number of parses.


      The value of "session cursor cache hits" is bigger than "parse count (total)".

      How does it possibile?

      Thanks in advance.

      Best Regards.