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    Problem with running plugin sample

      In addition to my earlier thread...
      A very important question about the HostSample-Help needed!
      My problem is as folow;

      I'm using EM12c ( and want to run the host system example which was packed with the EDK.
      I got to the step ( in the README) 2.3 "Run Guided Discovery To Add Target"
      I followed the steps there (add target...,select add non host...select discover demo) etc.

      Now, when I click the button add using "guided discovery" I got a page with a 3 column table:
      Agent name,status ,target home.
      I chooses the agent , and noticed that I'm target home colum
      It's said :enter parameter value to be passed to discovery script
      When I click next I got an error:
      Unexpected error:null
      ....unable to select all targets;selection criteria must be specified....
      Than,it there is a infinite saying "Dicovery Running..."

      What is the problem??
      I created,import,deploy the plugin with no errors and checked in the EM console that it is there
      deployed etc.
      I really need it to work I'm order to continue creating my own plugin..

      Any help will be appriciated!
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          You don't need to click that button as there are no values necessary to pass. Further, you can add a new demo_hostsample target manually, you don' t need to use the guided discovery. Go to Setup->Add Target->Add Targets Manually. Select "Add Non-Host Targets by Specyfing Target Monitoring Properties", select Demo Plugin Sample Host, and select your Monitoring Agent, and click Add Manually. Then enter the Target Name (MyHostSample for example) and for Use Generated Data, enter "true" if your agent is on Linux or "false" if your agent is on any other platform.
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            Please also verify that you copy the file demo_hostsample_discovery.txt from the stage area (under stage/discovery) to /var/tmp before attempting to use the guided discovery feature for HostSample.
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              It's ok now!
              Thanks a lot for all of your answers !