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    OWB - write lock - OMB01118: Could not connect to repository!

      We have sheduled a job to run the DWH workflows nightly . We are on version

      We are struggeling with this error that apperas randomly in our development environment .

      OMB01118: Could not connect to repository! API0262: Cannot place write lock on Control Center DEFAULT_CONTROL_CENTER! Lock is currently held by OS user oracle_sched_tasks.

      We can't find anything about this error message. And we have tried everything to find out what can cause this error.

      We also find a owbsys table called: IGNORE_LOCKERROR_SET_WORKSPACE
      where IGNORE_LOCKERROR is set to 0
      What is the purpose of this table? Can't find anything on this eigther.

      grateful for some help on this issue.