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    Select any table privilege


      I want to list down all the tables name on which xx user has select any table privilage. kindly inform me on which view i can query. I am using 11g DB

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          The SELECT ANY TABLE privilege means that the user can select from every table in the database.

          The DBA_TAB_PRIVS view will show any individual SELECT TABLE privileges.

          Hope that helps,

          Iain Barr
          Ategrity Solutions Ltd
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            Hi All,

            I have one user XX (Customs), which has privilage of "Select any table". In my instance since very long back this custom user is used to give select grant to other users/objects on various tables/views. Now if now i revoke "Select any table" grant from XX user "N" number of views become invalied (as while creating custome tables/view XX user is used). and to make valid i need to give grant on individual tables.

            My question is can i join some view/queries to make list of all such tables/view where xx custom user is used for 'Select any table" privilage.