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    doubt in calculated measure in awm

      i have the below dimensions: cluster dimension,destination location dimension,origination location dimension,destination ip dimension,origination ip dimension, date dimension and measure : call duration.

      for example consider the below sample data..
      cluster -c1
      destination location - L1
      origination location - L2
      destination ip -
      origination ip -
      duration - 20

      cluster -c2
      destination location - L2
      origination location - L3
      destination ip -
      origination ip -

      Now i need to calculate the percentage call duraion across cluster c1,destination location-L1,origination location-L2, destination ip- and origination ip-
      so i should get as below--(duration across the above criteria/total duration)*100 ie., (20/20+30)*100.
      but the issue am facing is, in awm for the denominator am getting the total duration as 20 itself instead of 20+30. the entire duration is not getting added. how do i get the entire duration? since i have 3 dimensions to be considered, i dont know how to use share measure.

      i need to calclutate the total duration. can anyone pls help me out??
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          nasar.ali-khan at -Oracle
          Scroll down for "SHARE" calculation explanation.

          Share calculates the ratio of a measure's value for the current dimension member to the value for a related member of the same dimension. You can choose whether the related member is:

          Top of hierarchy: Calculates the ratio of each member to the total.+

          Member's parent: Calculates the ratio of each member to its parent.+

          Member's ancestor at level: Calculates the ratio of each member to its ancestor, that is, a member at a specified level higher in the hierarchy.+

          (1). Which dimension do you want to use for SHARE calculation?

          (2). In the two records that you are showing, all dimension members are different so on what basis are you saying (20+30)?

          (3). Are there parent nodes for each dimension (i.e., Cluster, destination_location, origination_location, destination_ip, origination_ip)