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    Custom form does not return FRM-40400 when saving record...

      Hi All,

      I have created a new custom form. The same is working well except, it does not return FRM-40400 when saving record.

      When I Google about that, I came to know that I have to add ":SYSTEM.MESSAGE_LEVEL := '0'" in Pre-Form trigger. So I added the same as mentioned below,

      FND_STANDARD.FORM_INFO('$Revision: 120.0 $', 'Template Form', 'FND',
      '$Date: 2005/05/06 23:25 $', '$Author: appldev $');
      app_window.set_window_position('BLOCKNAME', 'FIRST_WINDOW');

      Is this is how I should add?

      Why should I have do something new to extract some standard information?