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    http 404 error while opening Siebel Public Sector Web Client

      Hello Experts
      I recently migrated to siebel web client and tools 8.2.2 from 8.2. However the issue that i have been facing now is that when i open my client i get HTTP 404 Not Found- The Web Page cannot be found.
      Things that i have done to configure:
      1. Enabled ActiveX settings-Settings as given in http://www.siebeloracle.com/accessing-oracle-siebel-8-1-using-windows-7-ie8-works-on-32-bit-os/
      2. EnableFQDN: FALSE, FQDN: Commented.
      3. My ODBC and public sector cfg have been configured as per need.

      Strangely what i have encountered is that: sometimes of 1 out 30 trials, when my client opens up [P(opening client)->0 i.e. Probability is close to 0] the port number is 8081 whereas in other instances it is 8080 which i guess is by default.
      URL: http://localhost:8080/start.swe

      I have tried reinstalling the client but still i face the same issue.
      Kindly help me out with this issue.