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    Migration from Dev to QA to UAT to Prod

      I am using Oracle BPM I have a BPM process which consumes an external web service "". I have used a web service adapter and given this WSDL URL. Process is working fine. My questions are:

      1. Is there any way at run time I can read WSDL URL from a property file and supply it to web service adapter?

      2. WSDL URL and its associated XSDs are used at development time and their name and location reflect in XSL files and composite.xml. Do they really refer them and their external location during run time or is it only during development time?

      3. I need to migrate my code to QA and then UAT and Prod. Each environment has different web service URL. I have written maven build script with replacer plugin to replace WSDL URL with target WSDL URL in all files in the jar during build process. Is this correct? Is this a best practice?

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          Any help please.
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            I don't know if this was very trivial so no one bothered to answer but this was real challenge for us. We did found 2 solutions to the issue.

            1. (Pre deployment or during build) During build through maven pom.xml file, we used a replacer plugin to replace source WSDL URL to target WSDL URL in all the files.
            2. (Post deployment) After deployment, EM Console shows all the external references our process has at the bottom of the page. Click an external web service. Click on "Properties" tab. Enter new target service end point in the "Endpoint Address". Click on "Apply" button.

            But my question is still open.
            Is this best practice?
            Is this what all you guys follow?

            Hope this helps someone.

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              Bill Wallen
              You might take a look at what's called a "deployment plan" - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E14571_01/integration.1111/e10224/sca_lifecycle.htm#CHDCAGEB