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    A couple of Issues with Weblogic 12c and Stable APEX listener

    David Pulliam
      I am having an issue where every time I start my apex managed server, it is reading and wiping my config file for apex. This is a problem in that the next boot will cause APEX to totally fail. I have moved my config file to /oracle/apex/apex-config.xml making the required code adjustments inside the war file so it is not stored in the tmp directory. I have an identical copy running on Weblogic 11g and it does not exhibit these behaviors. It seems to be the result of it attempting to encrypt the password and write it back. I am tempted to put a copy of the config file in there with an unencrypted password and make it read only. I am dealing with this now by copying a fresh copy of the file in place in my server start scripts but this is just annoying and insecure. Any thoughts?

      THe main difference is I am going from Solaris 10 to RHEL 6 on my operating system.

      I am also getting Universal Connection Pool not found in Universal Connection Pool Manager errors every server startup. Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to resolve this as well?