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    x509name missing attribuut pseudonym

      I am validating a certificate and trying to rebuild the javax.security.auth.x500.X500Principal object. I do this using a x509SubjectName like: C=NL,O=test,OU=Software,CN=DUMMY :PN,serialNumber=1,pseudonym=DUMMY :PN

      Why does the oracle jvm not allow the attribute "pseudonym"? I know the technical reason. There is no definition in sun.security.x509.X500Name.

      But why wasn't it put there? I hope you can refer to documentation. As I could not find a definitive answer in : http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3039.txt

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          I'm not sure what you would class as 'definitive' since section 3.1.2 does not mandate the inclusion of 'pseudonym'. Also, this is a user-to-user forum so nothing written here is likely to be 'definitive' . If you feel 'pseudonym' should be added then raise a bug report but don't hold your breath; even if Oracle agree to add it it may be years before it is actually added.

          Have you looked at using BouncyCastle? It tends to have implemented more optional features than Sun/Oracle.