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    Non unique addressing in MODEL dimensions?

      Hello all,

      Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production


      I have a field with duplicate words like 'PRESIDENT;PRESIDENT-EXECUTIVE;PRESIDENT' ( seperated by semicolon) I need to remove duplicate words from a line. I have like 1Million rows to work on...
      ORA-32638: Non unique addressing in MODEL dimensions
      32638. 00000 -  "Non unique addressing in MODEL dimensions"
      *Cause:    The address space defined for the MODEL (partition by and dimension by
                 expressions) do not uniquely identify each cell.
      *Action:   Rewrite the MODEL clause. Using UNIQUE SINGLE REFERENCE
                 option might help.
      First time i am using Model Dimension by
      SELECT   BIO, RTRIM (str_new, ';') new_str
        FROM   db_temp
         DIMENSION BY (0 dim)
         MEASURES (BIO, BIO || ';' STR_NEW)
            ITERATE (1000) UNTIL (STR_NEW[0] = PREVIOUS (STR_NEW[0]))
            (str_new [0] =
                  REGEXP_REPLACE (str_new[0], '(^|;)([^;]+;)(.*?;)?\2+', '\1\2\3'));
      Any Better approach to handle this type of situation other than Model Dimension by