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    Calling "Thor.API.Operations.updateLookupValue()" method in a clustered env


      I have a code which updates a lookup code using the tc API Thor.API.Operations.updateLookupValue().

      The code will be running in a clustered environment. My question is, is this API equipped with handling clustered environment?

      The code which I have basically updates a lookup value which is a counter. The code is thread-safe, but when it will be executed in a clustered environment it could be possible that the code might be running parallely in two clusters.

      In this case, the synchronized block won't be able to take care of the dirty update. So the only way to take care of such a situation is to acquire a database level lock. But since i'm not dealing with the DB directly and using the available API this needs to be handled by the API itself.

      So does anyone know if the API takes care of the clustered environment? Has anyone tried using this API in a similar scenario?

      I'm also raising an SR with Oracle to ask them this question, but if anyone on the forum knows about this, please respond.

      Suhail Peerzade.