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    Issues with Hyperion Analyst Retrieve

      We are testing an upgrade from 6.4.1 to We have run into an issue where we are not able to save the default settings/POV of an Analyst query. What happens in V6.4 with Office 2003, is that a file gets copied to the users workstation homedrive\windows directory when changes are made to an Analyst query. The name of our file that gets copied is called "Repeng Enterprise6-FHR_CONSOL (FHR_CONSOL = name of our app). This file contains settings/POV so that next time the query is opened, the user does not have to redo it all over again.

      This does not happen in V6.5.1.1 with office 2010. We are testing this on Win 2003 server with Office 2010. We have run traces and the process is trying to copy that file the citrix server's C:\windows directory. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, what did you do to resolve?