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    WebLogic - problem with loading images on ssl

      Hi All
      I have created a webpage (.jsp) with some images & text and deployed it on WebLogic 10.3.5 application server. I have also configured an OHS 11g web-server in reverse proxy configuration and linked it to the WebLogic server. The Apache ssl/non-ssl ports are are configured with non-ssl port of WebLogic.

      My setup works perfectly fine while accessing the page on non-ssl protocol but when I try to access the webpage on SSL protocol, I get the following IE browser warning - 'Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely? If I select yes, then the images do not load.

      I used HTTPFox in Mozilla to understand the page load sequence and hound out that the URL of the image starts with HTTP instead of HTTPS. I am using relative URLs for the images in my web-page.

      I have verified that the image URL is accessible on ssl/non-ssl ports i.e. both of the following URLs are accessible:
      1. http://www.domain.com:80/images/image1.jpg
      2. https://www.domain.com:443/images/image1.jpg

      Please let me know how I can load my images on HTTPS rather than on HTTP.