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    Basic questions regarding ODSEE 11g Troubleshooting

      1) How do we know "uptime" of the service (not server)?

      2) Now.. here is how we have installed ODSEE .. (might be wrong but this is what we have)

      installed the zip package as root to open port 389
      all files in dsee7 are chmod to user1 (so that he can run commands as we don't have direct root access)
      the startup script on /etc/init.d just does

      /dsee7/bin/dsadm start /dsee7/ldapserver

      Now when we do "ps -ef | grep slapd", we get

      user1 10977 1 2 Nov13 ? 01:54:23 /dsee7/lib/64/ns-slapd -D /dsee7/ldapserver -i /dsee7/ldapserver/logs/pid

      So does that mean the service is running as user1 ?? or as root??

      Simply asking because we have setup "ulimit -c unlimited" in .bash_profile of "user1" to get core dumps

      but server crashed a day ago and we didn't see any core dump in home directory of "user1"

      Do we need to set "ulimit -c unlimited" for root ? if so where? we don't want to set it in "/etc/profile" as that will globally ON for all users which our server team does not want..

      totally confused with the setup :(