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    ADF Table Data never displays inside dynamic region

      Hi All,

      Running into an issue with a table I'm trying to display within a dynamic region. The basic scenario is I have a bounded taskflow(B) that is launched from a btn within a page inside my unbounded taskflow(A). Bounded taskflow B is displayed as an incline popup and inside this taskflow I have a page that has a dynamic region. Inside this dynamic region I display a table generated from a static pojo used as a datacontrol. This said when I click my btn inside the unbounded page to launch my bounded taskflow page the table comes up but only displays that it is fetching data... Do I need to do something to allow my bounded taskflow with a dynamic region to have access to this pojo linked datacontrol? I tried pulled this table(via datacontrol) into my unbounded page and the table displays fine.


      Thanks for the help,

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