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    Can't add a planning connection as a favorite in SmartView

      I am trying to add a Hyperion Planning connection as a favorite. I am able to add essbase connections without issue, however when I click on the Planning connections (accessed through Common Provider Connections) the option to add as a pre-defined or add as a favorite is greyed out.

      I am able to add the planning connection as an independent Provider Connection, which I like because it diplays the connection information when I pull down the form (I am not getting this same connection info when I pull down the form using the common provider connection).

      My goals are as follows:
      1) Limit the amount of connections a user sees when logging on to SmartView (i.e. I don't want them to see our dev and test environments)
      2) Make sure that when connecting to a planning form, the connection information displays on the page. When connecting to an independent provider connection, it does this. When I connect using a common provider connection, it does not.

      Any help is appreciated.