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    Cascading dropdown list with required validation

    Alejandro Tovar Lanz
      Hi again,

      I am using JDeveloper Basically I need to implement a cascading selectOneChoice of three levels (A,B,C). This means that at the beginning, the first level is the only one with values.

      When I select an option from A, B gets populates and when select B, C gets populated. The problem is that A,B,C are mandatory and they cant be null. So as you might be guessing when I select one choice from A, validation triggers for B,C because they are required.

      I came out with this partial solution:

      public void valueChangeListenerForA(ValueChangeEvent valueChangeEvent) {
      ADFUtils.setValueToEL("#{bindings.A.inputValue}", valueChangeEvent.getNewValue());

      The validation still triggers but at least B and so on. I tried putting the fields as Immediate = true but no success. I can't use (silly requirement) the first element of the populated list. It needs to be null always at the beginning.

      Is there an better option that you might suggest??? I will really appreciate that