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    BUG - ADF Cascading LOV for Table Filters !!!????


      I have cascading LOV filters for a table with fields id, deptid, projectName. The filters are for deptid and projectName. When I select a deptid, the projectNames belonging to that deptid should be populated. I have set Auto submit for deptid filter and partial trigger for project Name. So if I select a deptid and when I navigate to Project Name filter I get the list of project Names in the Project LOV filter.This worked fine as long as I didnt change the value for LOV to Vs.filtercriteria.deptid. Once I changed it the LOV filter for Project Names only got refreshed once I hit ENTER key after changing the value of Deptid. But I have to keep the value for LOV to Vs.filtercriteria.deptid. Other wise the records in the table after applying the filter values didnt function properly. I dont know whether the AutoSubmit does not work when the value is changed to Vs.filtercriteria.deptid.

      IS this a BUG