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    ADF Mobile : Custom Springboard layout


      I am using JDev and an Android emulator to come up with a simple mobile app.

      For that I have 9 features in my app and by default the springboard comes up as a list .

      I want to display these features as a grid ( 3 * 3 matrix) and hence tried with a custom springboard.
      But here, if I use the "features" datacontrol collection on my amx page, I find no option to align these features as described above.

      Even the panel form layout does not have the option to set the number of columns ..

      Is there some layout component with which we can achieve this or is there a different/better way of building a custom springboard ??

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          Hi there,

          Perhaps something like this should do it?
          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
          <amx:view xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:amx="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adf/mf/amx"
          <amx:panelPage id="pp1">
          <amx:facet name="header">
          <amx:outputText value="Header" id="ot1"/>
          <amx:tableLayout id="tl1">
          <amx:rowLayout id="rl1">
          <amx:cellFormat id="cf1" >
          <amx:outputText value="a" id="ot2"/>
          <amx:cellFormat id="cf2">
          <amx:outputText value="a" id="ot3"/></amx:cellFormat>
          <amx:cellFormat id="cf3">
          <amx:outputText value="a" id="ot4"/></amx:cellFormat>
          <amx:rowLayout id="rl2">
          <amx:cellFormat id="cf4">
          <amx:outputText value="b" id="ot5"/></amx:cellFormat>
          <amx:cellFormat id="cf5">
          <amx:outputText value="b" id="ot6"/></amx:cellFormat>
          <amx:cellFormat id="cf6">
          <amx:outputText value="b" id="ot7"/></amx:cellFormat>
          <amx:rowLayout id="rl3">
          <amx:cellFormat id="cf7">
          <amx:outputText value="c" id="ot8"/></amx:cellFormat>
          <amx:cellFormat id="cf8">
          <amx:outputText value="c" id="ot9"/></amx:cellFormat>
          <amx:cellFormat id="cf9">
          <amx:outputText value="c" id="ot10"/></amx:cellFormat>

          Juan C.
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            Joe Huang-Oracle

            Instead of dragging and dropping Features Data Collection, the most flexible way is to use commandLink that are binded to "gotoFeature(string)" methods. You would first create your AMX page, and then add tableLayout - 3 rowLayouts - 3 Cellformats in each row layout, and then drag-drop gotoFeature method from the Applications Features DC into each of the cellFormat to create commandLink. You can then embed images into the commandLinks. You will need to set the width/height of the table/row/cell to position the images - you can use relative height and width of course.

            You can also use commandButton instead, and then create a special style class for each of the buttons. You can then specify the style class for the commandButtons accordingly.


            Joe Huang
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              Thanks Joe .. Looks like putting images within the command links is the best way to go .....