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    JDeveloper 11g not persisting chinese character  "symbols"

      We need to have a chinese resource bundle to display text based components with their chinese versions. When we copy the output from translate.google.com onto the resource bundle in JDeveloper, we see the "chinese symbols" in JDev. However upon closing and re-opening the resource bundle file, we see question marks at places where the "chinese symbols" were. Can anyone please throw light on how to resolve this issue ?

      Thank you!
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          I reailze this is an old thread, but I recently had the same exact problem and found this post while trying to solve it, so I figured I'd come back and share...

          Tools -> Preferences -> Environment

          Make sure Encoding is set to a sufficient character set for the properties files. (I used UTF-16) While this setting controls the charset in jspx files, which you can easily modify after the fact in the jspx source, it also controls the character set for plain text files like .properties. Once I changed the environment setting and recreated the properties files, all translations persisted as expected.

          Hope this helps anyone else who comes across this.
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            Sardar Nale
            Hi if you are using resource bundle of type xlff file then you can change first line as follows and change encoding to UTF-8
            <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>