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    Issue with rule file and Substitution variable

      Hi All,

      I am using Essbase 9.3.3
      I created a rule file with 5 dimensions in which 3 dimensions I defined in columns and two dimensions I gave it as header in data column with comma seperated.
      Among those two dimension members, one is an account member with "/" in it within quotes and other is a substitution variable.
      The member assigned for that Substitution variable has a space in between and is updated within quotes in variables list.
      When I try loading data, I am getting an error saying that two members are not valid.

      Eg: "Tax/Unit",&Scenario is not valid.

      &Scenario - "Budget Q1"

      Can some one please suggest on the issue.

      I am not facing any problem in calc scripts or reports scripts using the substition variable.
      Thanks in advance