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    Wrong date conversion while loading csv datas with the wizard

    Jean-Marc F

      I am trying to load csv datas into a table using the wizard. Everything works fine except from the date type which is converted from DD/MM/YYYY to MM/DD/YYYY during the loading phase. A form in apex on the table print the date in the French format so the first september is transform into the ninth of january.

      My database is configured in American and my client is in French and the numbers are correctly handled... ',' as the decimal separator in my client (in the CSV datas and in the restitution form) and '.' in the database.

      I have tried to force the format in the format cell of the mapping page but it doesn't work. To test something else, I have created a websheet application and used a datagrid to load he same datas. The date are correctly managed.
      I create a form to print the NLS infos of my session and they are all in French.

      I use APEX 4.2 (I migrate from 4.1 to see if it was a version specific bug) on oracle