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    dbora start is not working

      Hello ,

      I am trying to startup database service automatically after a system reboot .

      OS - OEL
      DATABASE - 11g

      I follwed all the steps mentioned in the below liink


      After compeletion all the steps i reboot the system .
      At the time of booting it shows that 'starting dbora [ok] ' .

      But after logging into the system , i tried to open the database , but it is showing that "Connected to idle instance". (database has not started)

      Even i tried to start the database through dbora (./etc/init.d/dbora start) . It is showing error like

      hostname :Temporary failure in name resolution
      Trying krb4 rsh....
      hostname :Temporary failure in name resolution
      trying normal rsh (/usr/bin/rsh)
      rcmd : getaddrinfo :Temporary failure in name resolution

      please help me on this ............