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    Data Load with Rule File Error

      Hi there, I'm having this issue with a rule file:

      *DataValue[-5e-015] Encountered Before all dimensions selected,[1] Records completed*

      I've checked previews posts on this trouble, like this one Data Load Error but didn't help me to solve the problem.

      I'm including all the dimensions and there are no blank spaces in the .txt file that I'm trying to load, but I didn't set any Data Field yet. Is that the problem?

      Thanks, Federico.
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          With a data load rule, you either have to:
          1) Define a single column as a Data column. This assumes that all of the other dimensions are either defined in the row or in the row and in the header.
          2) Define multiple columns as data. An example would be similar to #1 but the last three columns are tagged as Sales, COGS, and Inventory -- the data will load directly to those members.

          I have never tried to define a data load rule without data in it, somewhere.


          Cameron Lackpour
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            So when you open your datafile in the load rule every thing matches up to the correct dimensions, and the data file is not missing any columns, and all rows are complete (i.e. no null values)?

            Not sure if it matters, never tested it, but is the column with the data located to the right of the dimension columns?
            Is there a header record on the data file?