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    problem in OIM-OAM11gR2 integration


      i have problem in integration between OIM11gR2 and OAM11gR2(both are in same domain) ,I followed the oracle documentation for integration after integration i got the links in the page and the resources also protected, whenever i removed the IAMsuiteAgent from providers,OAMIDAsserter provider configured with my webgate details and i rearragend the order of providers, and restarted the all servers, when i am trying to login into oim console with “xelsysadm” it is not logging. is it really need to remove IAM suite agent Provider.
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          What error do you get when you're trying to login into OIM?
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            You don't need to remove the IAMSuiteAgent for OAM OIM integration. But now when you have removed it, try to go with the webgate approach by using a reverse proxied OHS server.

            Please let us know your architecture so that we can help you better.
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              i have an ldap sync with oid that is working fine, Both OIM and OAM are in same domain and OHS server is in different domain.i have tested with out webgate but it oim application is not protected ,whenever i configured the webgate it is protecting the resoruces. in the documentation of oim and oam integration they mentioned remove the IAM sutite
              agent from weblogic providers, i have tested with out removing the IAM suite agent from provider it is working fine.whenever i removed that IAM suite agent provider it is not protecting resouces.

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                Either you may use IAMSuiteAgent or open the IAMSuiteAgent's authentication policies and add the similar resources to the authentication policies of yoru webgate's application domain.

                IAMSuiteAgent is the OOTB agent which should be used for configuring single sign on between IAM suite products. But in enterprise deployment, generally there is a reverse proxy layer of web servers between the IAM products and the end user. Therefore we remove the IAMSuiteAgent and configure the Webgate.